My Princess Child

So I realize that every time that I post about my daughter, I refer to her as the Monster Girl. It’s just her nickname. It doesn’t mean that she is crazy or defiant. She just has THAT personality. When she plays, sometimes she likes to growl like a lion or a monster 🙂 She’s rough. My husband said last night that we should send her pictures into contests or agencies for modeling. She’s soooo cute. That could be us being biased, but you can be the judge of that. 

Daddy had just shown her how to put her hands in her pockets. She thought that was the coolest thing ever. Anyway…When I think about putting either of my children into anything like modeling, my mind goes back to Toddlers and Tiaras. Those mothers are CRAZY!  Maybe it’s on tv cause they are the extreme part of that field. I don’t know, but I don’t ever want to feel like I am exploiting my child to anything that she really doesn’t want to do or be apart of. She is only 2 and still doesn’t communicate the greatest. What do I do here? I want to give her every opportunity that I can to help her succeed, but I don’t want to push her so hard that she resents me later in life. I guess it would be me who would need self-control.

She’s a doll, but she’s my doll. 🙂 If I do decide to go through with *child modeling*  I will probably wait until we move. Too much goes into a move, especially with the move we are about to make. State to state is a lot more difficult than town to town. Anyway…Florida or Texas. I’m sure that either place will offer some great opportunities, plus great weather!