A Little Bit of a Creative Side

I’ve been so happy lately with the fact that my children are able to entertain themselves for a while, so I have had the chance to get something out of me that I have never had before. I have always liked to sew and make things, but I was never really that creative when it came to designs and all. I discovered http://www.pinterest.com about a month ago and that site is full of people who are creative. I took a design from http://www.etsy.com of a pillow and then went from there. I had bought a bunch of material to reupholster my couch, but that ended up being too big of a project to start out at. I ended up using some of the fabric for Euro pillow shams. I’ve had these pillows just laying around my room, uncovered and just a bit squished from play. I love my retro colors and my husband isn’t complaining so that’s always a good thing. The big pillows were my first design and then the small pillows were made after.

The circles were the most difficult part of the project, but they weren’t difficult at all. They were just tedious work. I would love to start selling my pillows, but I’m not sure how to go about that. I really don’t want to pay to put them on etsy.com, and I’m not quite sure how to advertise on pinterest.com. Well, however it happens, I’m sure it will…otherwise, it’s just for me 🙂 My next project, which I have already started, is a crocheted afghan. Keep in mind, I have never crocheted before so this is definitely another adventure. I’m enjoying it so far. The color is the same teal blue that is in my pillows. BTW…These colors compliment an awesome super expensive couch that is in our room that the hubby’s parents bought for him for his birthday last year at an auction for super cheap!

These aren’t hard to do. I don’t have instructions or a pattern, but if you are savvy with sewing, you can take a look at them and pretty much figure out how to make them.