Safety First

The one thing that a mom is probably most concerned about for her children in the home is safety. To even think about your child getting hurt while under your care is a very stressful thought. You don’t want to be neglectful, but sometimes, mommys need a timeout, even when the kids are awake. In mommy timeout, your ear is constantly listening for loud crashes, cries, bangs, booms, etc…As long as you don’t hear anything alarming, you know everything is ok…or is it? I have come to find that when it is the quietest, that my 2 year old is up to something, that is, if she isn’t playing in HER room. Lately, she has started to become more independent in her thinking. She likes to get her snacks and utensils and has found it easy to open the pantry or a drawer and get what she needs. Well, it was 10:30pm that she woke up and decided she wanted a snack. Instead of coming to get me out of bed, she got it herself. Normally, it wouldn’t be a big deal because I am awake when she does that kind of stuff, but it was night and I was sleeping and woke up to an unusual sound. Nothing bad, just unusual for night time. I found her in the animal crackers! It’s hard for her to be in trouble for something like that when 1. I’m really sleepy from lack of sleep the nights before and 2. She is just so darn cute.

Well, I determined that this was the last day that she was going to have free reign over some of things she had been able to do. The week prior, I had already put safety locks on the cabinets, but not the pantry or  the drawer with all the forks and knives and whatnot. I get tired of cleaning up the messes anyway, so that night was just the icing on the cake. The next day, I went to target and got exactly what I needed. Safety latches!

Well, let’s just say, I have a frustrated 2 year old right now, but at least I have the comforting thought that when she isn’t in my sight, she will be ok. My almost 1 year is going to be right behind her when it comes to getting into things, so I definitely am going to have to be a bit more alert when it comes to listening and making sure that everywhere we go, my home is a safe place to be and play. Sister learned last week that the stove is very hot. That was awful, but she wasn’t hurt too bad. Her fingers are all healed up now. I guess some just learn by experience. I wish that it was enough for parents to tell their kids that something will hurt them, but babies just have a curiosity gene that we as adults have hopefully grown out of. Learning, experiencing, living, playing…that’s all part of a child’s life, and I don’t want to miss a second of it all. I have a long way to go with them.