I Need Help!

So I am sitting here at the computer while my son naps and my daughter watches Baby First cartoons, and I am coming up blank to what to write. I have a roast in the crockpot, started a fleece baby blanket, printed out pictures for a felt project for a sports themed baby room, strung up my son’s birthday banner, worked on the birthday party favors…sounds like a busy day huh?? I also got some play time in there.

I want to know what my followers or anyone else that comes across my posts wants to read about. I realize that no one knows me and who really cares? but I need something to spark my writing creativity and help those that just have a need to be nosy. 🙂 I wouldn’t blog if that really mattered to me. So here’s my challenge…comment on this post and let me know something that you would want to read about…something about my life, past, present and/or future….If no one is really that interested in playing along, that’s ok. I will still write later when I get another chance to. Say when the kids are asleep and no one is tugging at my hand to go play or get something to eat. Anxious to read your response! Don’t be afraid…ask anything! 🙂