Walmart+kids=not a good time

I have more to blog about later, but I wanted to get this out there while it was still fresh in my mind. I have been having skin problems for a few days now and finally got the Dr. to call a script in for me to help. I wanted it called into Walmart yesterday cause I was there, but they waited too long and I had to go get it today. Shopping with 1 child is a piece of cake compared to shopping with multiples. My babies are 15 months apart, the oldest being 2 and the youngest about to turn 1. The boy is much more chilled out than the monster girl, but she is usually pretty good when we go places (as long as we aren’t standing still) Anyway…The pharmacist got my script, and then I proceeded to ask if they had my insurance one file. Of course they don’t. More waiting is involved here. I stood at the counter with a very impatient little girl. She cried then she stopped…cried stopped…and so one for like 10 minutes and then everything was done. I got my medicine, and we could leave.

I tried to grab Kylee’s hand and she just took off. She didn’t go very far when all of sudden she just burst into a high pitched scream and tears were rolling down her face and judgmental stares were on her and then me. She wasn’t upset b/c she didn’t get something she wanted, she was just tired and wanted to move. I pick her up, console her while these little old ladies just stare at us like we were to start WW3. These are the moments when I just wanna look them in the face and say *what are you looking at?*

I was more concerned with getting out of Walmart and getting in the car and going home. She was a little angel as soon as we get to the car. Everything was fine. I don’t understand why people have to be…no…have to look at you like you don’t know what the heck you are doing. Has it really been THAT long since you have had to take your kids out in public and appease them and try to get things done at the same time? Or were you just that perfect parent who had the perfect kids that never screamed or cried or basically just drive you nuts? I would rather be in a room with a few screaming kids than anyone that will look at me like that again. Those people make me feel like a horrible parent. I know I’m not. I’m still in learning mode and so is my child…so deal with it. Thanks!