Those were/are the Days

I’ve been sifting through old and new photos to get organized and also to decide if i want to buy a picture book or just order prints. I’m amazed at what I have found and see what our life was compared to what it is now. I think that I have more pictures of my kids than any other life event or anything else. I want to photograph every part of their life. I do believe that I was better at taking pictures of Kylee when she was little cause I had a bit more time than I do with having 2 kids. I’m trying though. I don’t want to look back and miss anything that Conner did. It’s just as special as when Kylee first did things. Babies sure do change a lot in the first few years of their life.

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a child grow up and change. She is definitely a character. Now my son, he’s my chunky cuddle buddy. He responds better to Bubby than his own name. That would be our fault, but no big. He will get it one day. He is almost a year old, but this time around seems to have taken a bit longer. That’s what it feels like anyway. He is my chilled out kid. Kylee is very acetic whereas Conner can just sit and be satisfied.

It’s nap time right now and I can hear Kylee playing in her room still awake 🙂 This is the time that I get to do things that i really need to do. Like clean, figure out what we are going to have supper, things like that. Am I doing that right now? Nope! This is way more fun and way less productive with my time, but I never really get any time to myself. Once the kids get up from their naps, it will be feeding time and then play time and whatever else time. I’m definitely not the person I once was, but I’m not sure that I would really want to go back now. I love being a mom. There isn’t anything more satisfying to me on this earth. God allowed me this job and I want to do it to the best of my ability.