Making an Effort

I realize that writing is no longer my strong suit. I used to write very well as a teenager, journal entries, poems, whatnot like that, but as of late, it’s been difficult coming up with words that are inspiring, breathtaking, wonderful, anything like that. It’s quite disappointing, especially if you are the reader looking for something interesting to read about someone’s life and their day to day encounters. I’m going to be quite honest. Nothing spectacular ever really happens in this household. I’m not saying that we don’t have fun here or nothing EVER happens, just nothing significant. I’m more or less blogging for me cause it helps me relax and unwind and get a different perspective on life.

*pause for diaper change*

Anyway…I’ve been trying to get myself to start getting up early and get ready before the babies wake up. It hasn’t quite happened yet. I am not an early riser. I like…no LOVE my sleep. You ask, *why have kids if you love sleep?* I love my kids more. 🙂 There isn’t anything greater for me to do than to just be a mommy. When I get up with the kids, I am not in the mood to cook, so what do I do? Heat up pancakes or toast waffles or put cereal in a bowl. My daughter is 2, she doesn’t care what I feed her as long as she gets to eat. Well, I am not setting a good example for her, that’s for sure. Quick is easy so that’s what we will stick with. Even she doesn’t get it yet, I do and that enough should matter. So what did I do this morning after my shower? I cooked us eggs and toast. Yah for effort for me! 🙂 Did the Monster Girl eat them? Of course….not….She used to love eggs. She would clean her plate. Now, I can’t hardly get her to eat anything that is really good for her except apples. That girl loves her some apples. She half a piece of toast and now is playing…making a mess…it’s all the same.

Another thing that I want…need to start doing is playing more and turning the tv off. Most of the time, she could care less about watching it, I just like it for the noise. I don’t like a quiet house. Kinda creeps me out. M.G. likes to learn and she is so smart. She remembers just about everything. Her attention span is just about 3 minutes. Is that normal for a 2 year old? We try to get her to focus, but sometimes she is just so dead set on doing something else, she gets herself all worked up over nothing.

We do have errands to run today, and my sitter has too much to catch up from missing last week so I’m alone today. So it’s just a normal day around here for me. Nothing spectacular or significant going on. I do need to work on The Boy’s birthday party stuff. I’m probably going to bake a test cake this Friday. I need to make sure that I really can do it. Have a nice day blog world.