Nothing out of the Ordinary

It was busy but pretty much a typical weekend. I did decide to have a family night at Chuck E Cheese…On a Saturday night. I must be crazy, but all I could really think about was how much fun Kylee would have playing all of the games. We got there, and OMG! it was busy. We ordered our pizza, and after we got a table, Kylee was ready to go play. She is so stinkin smart. It only took one time showing her how to stick the coin in the slot and after the game was over, she got tickets. She would take the tickets, fold them up and put them in her pocket. She didn’t end up getting a toy b/c the kids in front of us were taking too long and Ky is very impatient. She was ok though, didn’t even realize she didn’t get her toy. Let’s just say I will never go there again on a Saturday night. She slept really good that night 🙂

After bed time, the adults decided to watch Real Steel. Great movie! Yesterday was my friend’s kids birthday party. He turned 2. Nolan is only 6 wks younger than Kylee. If we were going to be here longer, they would become great friends. Ky definitely got a lot of attention. She was so cute and very good up until we had to leave cause Conner was getting sleepy and grumpy. I had to carry her under my arm to get her out. Silly girl. The hubby had to work yesterday so this week is going to feel extra long for him. I guess when you get an opportunity to work, you do it in this economy. God has really blessed us with this job. It’s nice to be anywhere in the US and not really feel the affects of what’s going on.

My house isn’t clean by no means, the laundry is done, I’ve started my pillow projects back up(pictures to come) I’ve sold more on ebay in the past 2 wks than I have in the whole time I’ve been selling on Ebay, I’m already in move mode even though that’s not for another 3 or 4 months (maybe a little longer)…basically…that’s my life. It’s ok that my house is completely clean like I would like it to be. It’s ok that only get a 15 minute shower instead of the nice 30 minute shower that I would like because Kylee wants to play in the shower with me. It’s ok that my life isn’t about me anymore. Kylee and Conner ruined me in such a good way. They teach something new everyday. Conner is almost walking. I’m hoping that he does walk before his first birthday in March. I’m having a hard time deciding what to do for his birthday this year. Theme? No theme? Do I have it here at home or do I just suck it up and have it at his grandparents (3 hours away)?

It’s a short on today 🙂 Just like my title…Nothing out of the Ordinary. Maybe I will cook or make something brilliant today that will be worth blogging about later today.