Another Day…Another Win…

If you have been in my house this week, you would know that it had not been a good week for mom or babies. Very sad 😦 My oldest, the monster girl, has not been sleeping very well at all, which in turn means that mom hasn’t slept well either. She is 2. Isn’t she supposed to be sleeping all night? That’s what I would think, but I guess I would be wrong. Isn’t the first time. Here is one of the typical nights I have had this week:

I go to bed at 10:30pm. My son decides that he is hungry at 12. I’m up from 12-12:30 mainly trying to get him to go back to sleep without eating. Unsuccessful. I get back to bed at 12:30am. 2:30, my daughter strolls in, drags me out of my comfy bed to just lay down on her floor beside her so she can fall asleep again. I wait til she sleeping and then go back to my dreamland bed. 4:30am rolls around and here comes the little monster girl again, but this time crying. She drags me out of bed, and this time, I just fall asleep on her floor. 5:15, the hubby comes in her room…*The boy is screaming and I need 30 more minutes of sleep before I have to get ready for bed* Monster Girl wakes up, wants milk, the boy is hungry wanting yet again another bottle. Mom is very tired and wants to just fall over and sleep for 2 days. I give monster girl milk, the boy his formula, climb back into bed with M.G. and sleep until 7:50am when both children wake up for the day.

Now doesn’t that sounds fun?? Luckily it was Tuesday, so the sitter was coming over to watch the kids while mom has her chill out time. I did make the M.G. take a nap, but she was still very grumpy even after her nap. I had very little patience with her and she was very irritable. It was an epic fail all day, let me tell you. So for the past 2 days, we have stayed in doors for fear of grumpiness relapse.

I had no choice today, so we went to Babies R Us & Walmart. Both trips went great! I was relieved. An awesome win for the day. Monster Girl turned into Angel Girl and the boy, well, he’s just chill all the time anyway. He was a little grumpy on the way home, but he was ready for a nap and wanted to be in his crib. It’s been a much better day, but I am looking forward to this weekend. The kids are going to their grandparents, and it will be me and the hubby all weekend ALONE! I didn’t realize how precious that time really was when we didn’t have kids to spend with your spouse. First comes love…Then marriage…Then the baby in the baby carriage…We had 3 years between the marriage part and the baby part, and I wish we would have spent even more time together.

It is what it is now and we work around that. It’s still great, and I would say that I love him more and more everyday since we have had kids. Weird? well, I will say we are a much stronger couple now than ever. Of course, like any relationship, we still have some things to work on, but we are in a good place right now. I love my family. Things couldn’t get any better…I think 🙂