It has been quite some time since I have been on here. At first it was hard not blogging, but the longer I waited to do it, the easier it got to slip my mind. I put it on hold when a new direction of life presented itself to us, and we had to move cross country…like literally. 1800 miles away from home. The hubby’s job moved us to sunny California! I love it here 🙂 Couldn’t ask for a better experience so far. Anyway…Since we have been here, I have been quite busy trying to figure out my place in life now. The kids are getting older and easier to deal with. Ky is in preschool and loving every minute of it. It also gives me a few hours of alone time C. He misses his sissy though when she is gone. Before we initially moved, I started sewing and making crafts just for fun. Now? I am trying to make a business out of it. I am starting out by making wallets to sell and have a couple patterns for purses but haven’t gotten that far yet. I made a duvet for the guest room and just finished Ky’s bedspread for the bed she will be getting here soon. I will post pictures after the bed is all put together. I have an etsy shop.

I started selling Scentsy again and hope to do well with it here. I have a couple of parties lined up, but nothing set in stone yet.

My house is constantly a mess with kid’s toys and my sewing projects everywhere. I have been cooking more. In fact, my house smells awesome right now because of the Crockpot Pork chops that are cooking right now. Making me hungry 🙂 The hubby wants us to start playing music and singing again. We got the songs, just need the time to practice.

So as you can see, a lot of things are starting to develop, but just waiting for the time when it all comes to pass and start being a success at things that we want to do and not what we necessarily have to do. Ky’s birthday is coming up quickly which means that Christmas is also. Lots of things to do. Lots to get ready for. And as I am writing, I am realizing that I don’t have much else to say right now 🙂 Guess it’s time for the Waltons on the Hallmark Channel…I’m such a girl 😉

A New Direction

So I have been seriously considering going to college. I’ve never been. I moved away from home right after high school for 10 months, and when I came home, I just worked and then got married a year later. I feel like it’s time for a something new in my life. I talked to an enrollment advisor today, and it seems quite feasible. I will only be taking 2 classes at time so there won’t be any overload of work all the time. It’s completely online, which is the only way that I can do it anyway. I’m getting really pumped up about it.

My husband asked me last night if I could wait until the kids start school, but I think that if I wait any longer, I won’t want to do it anymore and I will start doing more things to take up my time so I won’t have time for school. I want to focus on business/management/finance…something along those lines. I like selling on ebay, and I take care of our finances at home. I like playing with numbers, and I want hone my skills.

It’s a huge life decision to go to college, especially my age with kids. Most people my age have graduated or are about to graduate from college. Me? I’m about to start. I want to do something with my life. When my kids do start going to school, I don’t want to just sit at home and wait for them to come home. BORING! I worked all my teenage life up until I found out I was pregnant. Fast food, grocery, retail, welfare, physical therapy. That’s all the areas that I have worked in. My favorite was physical therapy, but it’s not the field that I want to study. Too many medical terms.

I’m sure whatever field I decide to study, it’s not going to be easy, but I am determined to finish. Anyway…Thoughts? Questions, Advice? Help me out here.