Children’s Place Savings Day

It doesn’t seem to be that hard saving money when you really try. I usually have a hard time not spending some amount of money within a week whether it’s for milk or that shirt that I just have to have and it’s on SALE! Well today, I went ahead and purchased the kid’s spring clothes. I was going to wait, but they were having, of course, a sale. Children’s Place marked down a lot of their items 30% plus with my web coupon code, I saved another 15%. Since I have a Place Card, there’s another 5%. I’m in discount heaven!

I bought 19 items for $159.00 (not exact). I realize that that may seem still a little steep when it comes to kid’s clothes, but you have to realize. I am not a Walmart or Goodwill shopper. Not saying there is anything wrong with those places, but I get anxiety when I go in there. Always disorganized, and I am not a picker. Maybe to save money, I should become one, but I’m a little too OCD when it comes to that sort of thing. I saved about $35 today, and I’m pretty happy.

I didn’t pick any item that was over $17, and the majority of the items I picked were on sale. So what’s the verdict for my savings? When it comes to pay day, pay off my purchases and put what I saved in our savings account. Depending on how Yaya feels after she gets back from the Doctor, we may go do my grocery shopping tonight.

I’m pretty anxious to see how much I’m going to save with all my coupons. Yes, I’m a dork 🙂 But a happy, saving money dork!

This Takes the Cake

I made my first cake last night, and let me tell you, it may not look pretty, but oh my! It tastes amazing! I get a lot of my recipes off of It took a couple of tries for the frosting. The first try came out too runny. I think I messed up with the egg whites. I don’t think that I whipped them up enough. I’m sure that it would have worked for a more professional baker, but I’m still learning. This is the frosting I ended up using:

Basic Buttercream Icing on the Food Network.

The cake that I made was Classic White Cake on the Food Network. OMG! This tastes amazing. I was making this as a birthday cake test for my son. There wasn’t a lot of ingredients involved which was great because I had everything that I needed for my little project. Looks good huh?

I was really surprised about how little batter this recipe made, so the actual cake was smaller than I was expecting.

I worked on the frosting as the cakes were being made. Like I said, the first one did not work out, but here it is cooking.

That part was a little difficult for me because I was trying to get my eggs whites to beat and also keep check on the temperature of the syrup. Yeah, that’s something that I have definitely not mastered yet. 🙂

The second frosting that I made did not need cooking. It was just 2 pounds of powdered sugar, 2 tsp. vanilla, half a cup of milk and a cup and a half of butter. It’s very sweet but yet so heavenly. The next time I make a frosting, I have a different recipe that I’m going to try, but I need a double boiler for it.

Well, like I said, the cake didn’t come out too pretty, but it tastes amazing! Very moist and oh so yummy. My next project  in baking is rolling fondant. I would like to make that for my son’s birthday cake.

If you have any suggestions, I am all ears. I need as much help that I can get. I love to bake, and I want to get better. Enjoy!

For a Baby Boy Room

I’ve been very busy with different projects for several different things, and I haven’t had much time to blog about anything. Also, there hasn’t really been that much to blog about, but here I am now. The husband fell asleep, the kids are in bed and I am still up. So I may be about to say the strangest thing ever, and it has taken me quite a while to come to terms with it, but I, a 26 year old daughter, is actually going to be a big sister.


So it’s only a half sister, but still weird when my dad is 61. Don’t ask. Anyway…Since I can’t help but be nice 🙂 I made something for the little squirt. Something totally out of the blue, and it helped me with my creative side. I’m kinda proud of it too since it was something that I came up with on my own. Obviously, they are going with a sports theme. Totally cute? Right? I was going to cut out a bat, but I got to thinking that that would have been too many. I think that’s it perfect the way it is. It’s all felt with embroidery thread for details.

The Wilson on the basketball wasn’t easy. I pinned the name to circle, embroidered through the paper and then tore it out. I didn’t know any other way to do it. It’s a little crooked, but it gives it character.

THe project cost a little more than what I hoping to spend, but if I could generate interest and sell this kind of stuff, I would love it! It only took me 2 days to create this. I’m thinking about trying animals or geometric shapes….something for my kid’s room whenever it is that we buy a house. Anyway…just a little post. Enjoy!

My Life Consists Of…

I guess there is no better way than to describe my life as a dreaming wanting to come true. I love to go to school, but after discussion with my husband and future plans, and it just isn’t in the cards right now. It’s fine. Really…We are trying to figure out what to do about settling down, buying land/house, saving for our kid’s education, saving for retirement, etc etc…

It’s all a bit overwhelming right? Isn’t that the dream though. The great American dream with the white picket fence and all? Well, I found some land in Florida. 10 acres for $41,000. In this economy, you can’t beat that. How fast will work on this dream of ours and when will become a reality? Not too sure, but I know it’s there, we just haven’t crossed paths with it yet.

As for our perfect home. We have an idea of what we want and it isn’t anything elaborate by no means. When I say that, I mean, it won’t be huge or costly. What’s the picture of my dream home? 3 br. 2 1/2 bath. A small Chef’s Kitchen with living area attached, basically a big open space with an island in the kitchen. This island will have the stove and on one of the walls with dark wood cabinets, I will have a double oven. I love to bake and cook so it’s a must! The Bedrooms will be the only part of the house that is carpeted, the rest will either be dark wood floors or colored cement. The cement could get cold so that’s why I say either. A spacious laundry room with stackable washer/dryer and counter space for folding and cabinets for storage. A loft or rec room for toys, exercise equipment, music stuff, a whatever room with a guest bed. (A thought, what about a wall pull out bed?) You know what I mean?

The master bedroom will have a nice spacious closet and the bathroom will have a really deep tub that will look flushed with the floor ( instead of stepping over to get in the tub, I will step down into it) Separate shower with 2 shower heads. I realize that all that sounds expensive and costly like I said we didn’t want, but the bedrooms don’t have to be huge. We only sleep in there so need for huge rooms. The house will look more like a barn than an actual house. As much as I love to swim, we will probably skip on a pool. If we live in Florida, I’m sure that we can survive.

For the outside, we are a racing family, so what else would you expect than for us to build our own motocross track! A pee-wee one first for when the kids start out and build it up as they get older. A big barn/garage area for everything yard/motorcycle related.

Sounds like we have a lot of saving to do right? We have to, especially in today’s world. It is ok to have a dream right? I want to have a home so that I can decorate, paint, buy furniture, and basically have the space to do everything that I already do wherever we go. Anyway. That’s it for now. I got to get a baby blanket and other baby decorations done this week, so I better get at it!